Denis Duboule

Professor of Developmental Genetics and Genomics at the EPFL and at the department of Genetics and Evolution of the University of Geneva. Director of the NCCR Frontiers in Genetics.

He obtained his PhD in 1984 and only 9 years after he was elected an EMBO member. In 1986, in the laboratory of Pierre Chambon, he cloned the first vertebrate Hox cluster and since then has focused on how these genes are regulated and their role in body patterning, evolution and disease. Amongst some of his relevant contributions in the field of developmental biology, genetics and gene regulation are the proposal of functional conservation between vertebrate and Drosophila homeotic systems, the hourglass model to describe the phylotypic progression and the development of targeted meiotic recombination technique for murine genetic studies. He has received many awards and is elected member of several Scientific Academies.

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